What is a Tent Stove

A tent stove is a stove designed to be used in a tent. They are usually more compact compared to regular wood burning stoves. Tent stoves come in various sizes, configurations and types.

Types of Tent Stoves

Tent stoves can vary depending on their type.

Compact or Portable Tent Stoves

These are used for backpacking and to warm smaller tents.

Large Tent Stoves

These are used for larger tents as they need to heat a larger space. Larger tents can be used for base camps, hunt camps or even semi permanent setups. These lager stoves are also heavier. Depending on what material the stove is made of they might require a vehicle for transportation. While you can find tent stoves that are made out of aluminum, steel, titanium, large tent stoves are also made with cast iron which is heavier.

Benefits of a Large Tent stove

Large stoves have a larger firebox and can burn more wood than smaller ones. As a result they can heat up large tents and can burn for a longer time with controlled airflow. Some large stoves with controlled air flow can burn all night.

What type of Tent do you Need for a Tent Stove

You cannot use a tent stove in any kind of tent. Tent stoves need to be used in specific types of tents that are made with fire resistant materials and have an opening for a chimney. Hot tents must be made of material that doesn’t burn or melt. The second concern is ventilation. Having a fire burning inside your tent has obvious risks but ventilation is also important to prevent condensation. Finally, for a stove to function inside a tent it needs to have a stove jack. It is a fixed ventilation hole to allow for the chimney to exit. Some tents have stove jacks on the roof and some on the side.

What Size Tent Stove Will I Need?

It depends on what size your tent is and how long you will want to run your fire. If your tent is large you will need a stove with a larger fire box.

Also keep in mind that while a small stove can heat up a tent when running hot, that fire will not last a long time.

So if you are planning to be using your stove to warm up your tent overnight while you sleep you will need a stove with a larger firebox. A large firebox full of wood can keep burning for hours with controlled air flow.

Air tight seal

An air tight seal around the stove door prevents air coming in to the stove in large volume and allows users to control burn. A gasket on the door will make the stove air tight and users can control burn much better.

Differences between a tent stove and regular wood burning stove

Tent stoves and tent stove chimney pipes do not necessarily meet various building codes. These stoves should only be used outdoors or inside a tent that is fireproof and can hold a stove. Tent stove pipes for examples are not double walled like most building codes require.

Safety Considerations When Using A Tent Stove

Spark arrestor must be cleaned regularly as it can become clogged with ash and soot.

Fire mat

Distance from tent walls